The Native SA currently operates three business segments – Blockchain Lab, focused on innovation in the blockchain and machine learning technology space, Ecommerce Services, a suite of digital and content marketing, payment processing and customer support services for Ecommerce merchants seeking to market and sell their products and services worldwide, and Asknet Academic, the long-established software distribution business focused on the German language academic market. The Native SA is headquartered in Switzerland and together with its 51% owned subsidiary Asknet AG operates from offices in Germany, USA and Japan.

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The Native

The Native Ecommerce Services provides our clients with the turnkey solutions for building and managing their business online around the world, 24/7. From helping to create the online presence, to designing and executing the digital marketing campaigns, to payment and sales tax processing, data analytics and customer support, The Native Ecommerce Services helps clients to manage every aspect of their digital commerce. Learn more about our creative & marketing capabilities at and our payment processing, sales tax advisory and global customer support services at for digital goods and at for physical goods.


Asknet Academics is our software distribution business that services 80% of academic institutions in German language Europe with e-procurement solutions for their software needs, and maintains dozens of distribution agreements with the world’s major software vendors interested in the German language academic market. For more information visit or email


Paddle8 (P8H Inc), the leading online auction platform, is our portfolio company where The Native SA owns 15%. We support Paddle8 with content marketing, ecommerce services and tech support through The Native Ecommerce Services and Blockchain Lab business units. Paddle8 is the world’s leader in online auctions in the arts & collectibles space focusing predominantly on the millennial consumer audience. For more information go to or email

The Native Blockchain

Blockchain Lab is our team of experienced project managers and talented engineers in the areas of blockchain technology, machine-learning, data mining and digital marketing that works on various commercial applications of those technologies on per-project basis, either as the solution provider or revenue sharing partner to our industry-specific clients seeking to empower their business with this new and vital technology. For reference projects and more information contact us at